Chapter 5. message features – LG -TM520 User Manual

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Scheduler ([PIM]+[3])

WakeUp ([PIM]+[4])

Game ([PIM]+[5])

Calculator ([PIM]+[6])

Chapter 5. Message Features

Text message, page and voice mailbox become available as soon as the power is on. You can
access the above types of messages using the message key ([

5]). In addition, you can make a

call to the call back number by pressing the [Send] during a message check.
The phone can store up to 30 messages (Voice message : 1, Text messages 29) with 245
characters per message. However, you should check whether your carrier provides the above
The information that is stored on the message is determined by phone mode and service capability.
You can check types of messages by pressing the message key ([


Massage Service

This service supports reception of the text message, alerting, and the voice mailbox. It is possible
to access the above functions with the text message key

It is possible to store up to total 23(new+old) messages. It is recommended to check the number of
character receivable because the capacity depends on the system service provider.

<Initial Message Service Image >

- Move the cursor with the upside and downside keys, and press Softkey(SEL) for the menu
requested. Press Softkey(BACK) to return to the initial image on the terminal.

<Type of Menu>

- Voice : Menu to check the number of voice messages in the voice mailbox
- Send Msg: Menu to send message.
- NewMsgs : Menu to check a new incoming text message
- OldMsgs : Menu to check the verified but not erased text messages
- Erase All : Menu to erase all the stored messages




1: Voice
2: Send Msg
3: NewMsgs
4: OldMsgs
5:Erase All