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No power

The power cord is disconnected.

No picture

The TV is not set to receive the DVD signal.
The vid eo cables are not connecte d securely.

There is little or no sound

Equipment connected via the audio cable is not set to receive DVD signal output.
The audio cables are not connected to the speakers or receiver securely.
The audio cables are damaged.

The DVD picture quality is poor

The disc is dirty.

A DVD/CD will not play

No disc is inserted.
An unplayable disc is inserted.
The disc is inserted upside down.
The menu is open on screen.
There is a parental lock which prevents the playback of DVDs with a certain rating.

Humming noise heard while a DVD or
CD is playing

The disc is dirty.
The DVD receiver is located too close to the TV, causing feedback.

Radio stations can’t be tuned in

The remote control doesn’t work
well / at all

The antenna is positioned or connected poorly.

The signal strength of the radio station is too weak.
No stations have been preset or preset stations have been cleared (when tuning by
canning preset channels).
The remote is not pointed directly at the DVD receiver.
The remote is too far from the DVD receiver.
There is an obstacle in the path between the remote control and the unit.
The batteries in the remote control are flat.

Displaying Disc Information on-screen

Displaying Disc Information -

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