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1 Power ( )

Turns the unit on and off.

2 DVD/CD Disc Drawer

3 Open/Close ( )

4 Play/Pause ( )

5 Stop ( )

6 TUNING (-/+) ( ), Skip / Search
7 Function (F)

Selects the function and input source.



8 Volume (VOLUME)

Controls the volume when using any function.

9 PORT. (Portable) IN port

You can enjoy music from portable device on your unit.

10 USB port

You can play video, image and sound files by connecting
the device.

11 MIC 1/ MIC 2

Connect a microphone to MIC 1 or MIC 2 to both
sockets. You cannot use the microphone when DivX
files playback or you select AUX OPT function.




4 5





10 9

Main Unit

Remote control

FUNCTION : Selects the function and input source. (DVD/CD, USB, AUX, AUX OPT,
SLEEP : Sets the System to turn off automatically at a specified time. (Dimmer : The
front panel display is dimmed.)
POWER : Switches the unit ON or OFF.
OPEN/CLOSE : Opens and closes the disc Drawer.
TITLE : If the current DVD title has a menu, the title menu appears on the screen.
Otherwise, the disc Title menu may not appear.
DISPLAY : Accesses On-Screen Display.
MENU : Accesses the menu on a DVD disc.
SETUP : Accesses or removes setup menu.
PRESET ( ) : Selects programme of Radio.
TUN. (-/+) : Tunes in the desired radio station.

(up/ down/ left/ right): Used to navigate on-

screen displays.

ENTER : Acknowledges menu selection.

RETURN ( ) : moving backwards in the menu or exited the setup menu.
REC ( ) : USB Direct Recording
STOP ( ) : Stops playback or recording.

PLAY ( ), MO./ST. : Starts playback. Selects Mono/Stereo.

PAUSE/STEP ( ) : Pause playback.

SKIP ( ) : Go to next or previous chapter/ track/ file.
SCAN ( ) : Search backward or forward.

Put the battery into the remote control

Make sure that the + (plus) and – (minus) on the battery match those on the remote control.

TV HT SPK (Home theater Speaker ez Set-up) :
Press TV HT SPK to select the AUX OPT directly.
MUTE : To mute the sound.
VOL (Volume) (+/-) : Adjusts speaker volume.
NIGHT : The night mode is to improve listenable at
lower volumes.

SPECIAL EQ (EQUALIZER effect) : You can choose
sound impressions (LG Sound Gallery).
REPEAT/RANDOM : To select a play mode.
(Repeat, Random).
SUBTITLE : During playback, press SUBTITLE
repeatedly to select a desired subtitle language.
0-9 numerical buttons : Selects numbered options
in a menu.

TV Control buttons : Controls the TV. (LG TV only)

Controlling the TV.

You can control the sound level, input source, and power
switching of LG TVs as well. Hold POWER (TV) and press
PR/CH (+/–) button repeatedly until the TV turns on or off.

PROG./MEMO. : Accesses or removes Program menu
stores FM Channels.

CLEAR : Removes a track number on the Program List.
RESOLUTION : Sets the output resolution for HDMI and
ECHO VOL. : Adjusts echo volume.
MIC VOL. : Adjusts microphone volume.

VOCAL FADER : You can enjoy the function as karaoke,
by reducing singer vocal of music in the various source.

: This button is not available.

DEMO : Quick access to India Optimised EQ Mode.

HT855SF & PF

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