Panasonic SL-J910 User Manual

Troubleshooting guide, Supplied accessories, Portable cd player

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Before requesting service, make the following checks. If you are in doubt about some of the check points, or if the remedies indicated in the chart do not solve the problem,
see “Product information” on page 3 for assistance.

Troubleshooting guide


Dear Customer

Thank you for purchasing this product.
Before connecting, operating or adjusting this product, please read these
instructions completely. Please keep this manual for future reference.









No play.

No sound or there is
a lot of noise.

Cannot hear sound
from the speaker.

Play doesn’t resume
from the last point

The HOLD function is on. Release HOLD. (➪page 5)

The batteries may have run empty (➪page 4).
(If play is extremely short even after fully recharging the batteries,
the batteries may have exceeded their life. Rechargeable batteries
can be recharged approximately 300 times.)

The disc isn’t correctly set.

The disc is scratched or dirty. (Tracks skipped.)

There is moisture on the lens. Wait for about an hour and then try again.

The lens is dirty: clean it with a blower (recommended
product: SZZP1038C).If the lens gets marked with
fingerprints, gently wipe them off with a cotton swab.

The unit may not read MP3 correctly if it is shaken
while it is reading the files.

Play of a multi-session disc may not be possible if
there is a blank data segment between sessions.

If there is large JPEG data etc. within a MP3 file, sound
may become muted and play may not be possible.

If you try playing a CD that contains CD-ROM format data
and normal audio data (CD-DA), output from one of the
above may become silent, and play may not be possible.

Ensure the plugs are inserted firmly.

Wipe the plugs clean with a clean cloth.

Noise may occur when playing MP3 if recording quality is poor.

The elapsed playing time disappears and sound is
interrupted if bumps continue repeatedly.

When listening with the speaker, sound cannot be
heard from the earphones.

When you are listening with the earphones

and try to connect with the speaker, the unit
automatically shuts down in order to prevent noise.

Turn [SPEAKER, OFF ON] to [ON] (➪page 5).

Are you using the AC adaptor?(Cannot play

by just inserting rechargeable batteries.)

This doesn’t work if you change discs.

This doesn’t work during random play.

It may not work correctly under some conditions.




Play doesn’t start
from the first track.

Cannot search
through tracks.

Cannot specify the
AB segment.

Cannot change the
Digital Re-master mode.

Digital Re-master
does not work.

Cannot skip albums.

Cannot hear the remote
control’s operation

The remote control
does not work properly.

Cannot recharge.

The AC adaptor becomes
warm during recharging.

The batteries are taking
a long time to recharge.

Play time is short
after recharging.

The battery indicator fails
to appear or is incorrect.

The unit stops

Random play modes may be on (➪page 6).

Play resumes from the last point stopped.

You cannot search through MP3 files.

You may not be able to specify segment A or B at the
end of disc.

If [:] or [9] is pressed before [$MEMO/%DISP]
you cannot change the Digital Re-master mode.

Depending on the type of MP3 disc recording, the
effect may not appear.

You cannot skip between the first and last albums during play.

The operation tone may be off (➪page 6).

You cannot hear this sound when listening with the

Use only the included remote control to operate this

You aren’t using the special rechargeable batteries.

You must insert two batteries before you can recharge them.

The unit must be off before you can recharge.

This is normal.

The batteries may take a maximum of 6 hours to
recharge under some conditions.

This may occur after the first time you recharge the
batteries or haven’t used them for a long time. Play
time should be restored after a few recharges.

The batteries can go flat if you leave the AC adaptor
connected after recharging is complete.

The indicator does not appear when the AC adaptor is connected.

The indicator does not appear correctly under some conditions.

Disconnect then reconnect all power sources
(batteries and AC adaptor).


Supplied Accessories

Check the packing carton for these accessories.

Use numbers indicated when asking for replacement parts.

1 Wired remote control: N2QCBD000037

1 Pair of stereo earphones: L0BAB0000176

1 External battery case: RFA1821-H

2 Nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries: (see below)

1 Battery carrying case: RFC0062-X



1 Active speaker system: RFE0146 ≥ 1 Speaker/Battery charger:

1 AC adaptor: RFEA428C-M


1 AC adaptor: RFA2533B

1 AC power supply cord:


Recommended replacement rechargeable batteries:
HHF-AZ01/HHF-1P (Nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries)

(Only for U.S.A.) To order accessories contact 1-800-332-5368 or the
website (


The included AC power supply cord is for use with this unit only. Do not use it with
other equipment.



accessories cannot be

used with

or vice versa.



Portable CD Player

Operating Instructions

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