Panasonic 999000 User Manual

Page 11

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Operation Guide to Cutoff Saw

1. Before starting:
Preparation includes clearing and arranging work surroundings, wearing proper clothing and
protection, and inspecting the cutoff saw. In preparation, please follow the procedures described
in the appropriate section of this manual. For additional preparation work before starting, please
follow instructions given below:

a) Before starting, check if there is any fuel left in the fuel tank.
b) This engine is engineered to operate on mixture of unleaded gasoline and quality two-stroke
engine oil. Octane rating of the gasoline should at least be 93.
c) Gas-to-oil mix ratio is 75:1.
d) When mixing fuel, pour engine oil into the canister first, and then add gasoline (make sure the
mix ratio is 75:1). Shake the mixture in the canister thoroughly.
e) Clean the fuel tank cap and the area around it as necessary to ensure no dirt
falls into the tank. Finally pour the fuel mixture into the tank and tighten fuel tank cap securely.
f) Only mix sufficient fuel for a few days work, the maximum storage time of mixed fuel is 3

Choosing the right blade:
a) Blade diameter can be 12" or 14". Choose an appropriate size and type of blade which best
suits the cutting work. Keep in mind the blade size needs to be fitted with the blade guard. The
diameter of the arbor hole for the blade should be 1". Blade thickness should be within the range
of .100"–.240".

b) Blade types:
For your reference, choose composite abrasive blades for cutting of asphalt, concrete, stone, brick,
steel and plastics. Choose diamond abrasive blades for cutting of asphalt, concrete, stone, hard
rock, brick, etc.
Note: There is a rotation direction indicator marked on each diamond blade. When mounting,
make sure it corresponds to the rotation direction of the arbor. If you are not sure which blades
are proper for your cutting jobs, contact your dealer or distributor for information.

c) Fitting/Replacing the blade: (Ref. Fig.5)
Slide the locking pin (1) through the bore in the V-
belt guard (2) (turn the blade until the locking pin
engages in one of the bores on the belt pulley (3).
Use the combination wrench to loosen and unscrew
the hexagon bolt (4).
Remove the metal washer (5), the flange (6) from
the arbor together with the blade to be replaced.

Fig. 5

Mount the new blade (7).
Fit the flange and metal washer.
Screw in the hexagon bolt and tighten it with the combination wrench.
Finally draw the locking pin out of the V-belt guard.