Choke lever – Panasonic 999000 User Manual

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5. Front Handle
Used to securely hold the saw while under operation.

6. Spark Plug Cover
A removable cover for access to the spark plug.

7. Kill Switch
Engine stops when this switch is pressed and held.

8. Full Throttle Lock Button
Locks the throttle in full open position by pressing this button while the trigger is fully depressed.
Pressing and releasing the trigger returns the throttle to idle position.

9. Throttle Trigger
Controls engine speed by manipulating the throttle. Pulling the trigger backward opens the
throttle and the engine accelerates. Releasing the trigger slows down the engine.

10. Rear Handle
Used to securely hold the saw while under operation.

11. Filter Cover Lock lever
Locks the air filter cover. Pull back on the lever to open the filter cover.

12. Air Filter
Filters dirt and debris from entering carburetor.

13. Choke Lever
Turning this lever counter clockwise closes the carburetor. Used to prime engine (cold starting).
Turn clockwise for normal operation.

14. Starter Grip
Pull to start engine.

15. Fuel Tank Cap
Open this cap for filling the fuel. Close the tank for starting and operation.

16. Decompression Valve
Press down on this valve to make starting easier. When air pressure in the engine reaches a preset
value, it automatically closes.

17. Water Attachment
Feeds water to both sides of diamond blade. Connect to water supply for wet cutting.

18. Tensioning Nut
For V-belt tension adjustment. Turn this nut clockwise to loosen the V-belt, turn the nut
counterclockwise to tension the V-belt.

19. Muffler
Reduces both noise and emissions.