Panasonic 999000 User Manual

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After the saw works for a certain period of time, let the engine idle on for a while to dissipate the
heat. This will prevent some engine parts (ignition system, carburetor, etc.) from being damaged
by over heating.


1. Adjusting V-belt tension:
Refer to the instruction described above in the section titled “Tensioning the V-belt.”

2. Adjusting carburetor:
The carburetor has been preset and adjusted at the factory to reach the optimum fuel-air mixture
for a smooth, fuel efficient, reliable running engine with low emissions. The air
filter and the spark plug need to be checked and maintained regularly. However, if the cutoff saw
is found to be unsatisfactory in operation (such as the idle speed either too high or too low, or
abnormal exhaust emission still persist), a slight adjustment on the carburetor might be necessary,
which includes (Ref. Fig. 9):
Standard setting adjustment:
Find the Low Speed Adjusting Screw “L” (see Fig.9, inside
the upper hole of the carburetor seal cover), use a screw

Fig. 10

driver to turn the screw L clockwise all the way to its end.
Then turn the screw L backwards (counterclockwise) 360°.
Adjusting idling speed:
It is usually necessary to adjust the idle speed after Standard
setting adjustment (above). To adjust idle speed, start the
engine first.
If the idle speed is too low, the engine may shut off after
starting. In this case,

make the standard setting first as

instructed [above], then turn the idle speed adjusting screw LA
(see Fig. 9) inside the lower hole of carburetor seal cover

until the blade starts to run.

Then turn the screw LA

backwards (counterclockwise)
1/4 circle (90°).
If the idling speed is too high,

the blade will run at idling speed, which is not good for the cutoff

saw. In this case, make standard setting adjustment first, then turn the idling speed adjusting
screw LA counterclockwise

until the blade stops running.

Then turn the screw

LA 90°further (counterclockwise).

3. Adjusting blade guard (Ref. Fig.10):
The blade guard deflects sparks from the operator. Move the a
lever (2) to change the position of the blade guard.




1. Cleaning and maintenance of the air filter
Dust and foreign build-up accumulated on the air filter may affect
engine performance, increase fuel consumption and cause difficulty i
starting; therefore, it is important to perform regular maintenance. The
frequency of this depends on the conditions of the cutting jobs as well as
material being cut both wet or dry. For dry cutting, maintenance is required every 48 hours. For
instructions, see Fig. 11.

Fig. 9