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This sign means prohibited action.

This sign means required action.

Warning :

This sign means [It may result in severe injuries
or death].

Caution :

This sign means [It may result in injuries or

This instruction manual provides operating instructions and cautions for appropriate

Warning and Caution for important safeguards

Safety Precautions

The samples of symbols used in this manual are described below.

Plug in the AC cord to the
outlet À rmly.

(Not doing so can result
in an electrical shock or
À re due to generation
of heat.)

Do not use a damaged plug
or outlet.


Do not damage the AC
cord or plug.

Do not disassemble,
expose to heat or À re,
twist, pull, place heavy
objects on or tie the AC
cord in a bundle.

(A damaged cord or plug can lead

to electrical shock or À re.)

If the AC cord or plug is damaged,

consult your nearest retailer or
service center for repair.

Do not plug or unplug the
rice cooker with wet hands.

(Doing so can result in
an electrical shock.)

Do not use wet hands.

Do not place your hands or
face over or near the steam

(Exposure to steam can cause personal

Do not touch

Do not insert metal objects
such as pins or needles,
or any other objects in the
exhaust outlets, or in any
other portion of the unit.

Particularly, do not insert
clips, wire or any metal
objects into the unit.

(Doing so can lead to
an electrical shock or


Be sure the household
supply voltage matches
the required voltage of the
appliance (120V in the U.S.).

(It may cause electrical
shock or À re.)

Do not operate the
appliance with damaged AC
plug or cord.

(It may result in an
electrical shock or À re.)


Do not allow the plug to

become dusty.

(Dust accumulation
can lead to À re or a

Unplug and wipe with a dry cloth.


This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including
children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities,
or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have
been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the
appliance by a trained person responsible for their safety.

Children should not be allowed to be in the area around the
unit while it is in operation.

(It may result
in injuries.)


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