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Press switch.

Do not open the outer lid or unplug the
appliance while it is operating.
Please ensure that the switch is pressed
and the “RICE COOKING” lamp lights up
(The rice will not be cooked in warming

After the rice is cooked, it is
recommended to let it steam and
warm for another 15 minutes. Then
scoop and mix the rice well.

After the rice is cooked, the appliance will
automatically switch to warming mode.
Let the rice steam and warm for another
15 minutes without opening of the outer lid.
Scoop and mix the rice well.
Unplug the appliance when it is not in use.

Press the switch to start cooking.
The “RICE COOKING” lamp lights up.

The “KEEP WARM” lamp lights
up to indicate warming mode.

To Keep Cooked Rice Warm and Tasty

Rinse the rice until it becomes relatively clear.
After the rice has been steamed and warmed, scoop and mix the rice gently.
Do not leave the rice scoop inside the inner pan.
Do not warm the rice for more than 4 hours. (It may result in color change and bad smell.)
Do not use the rice cooker to warm other kinds of food. It is for rice only.
Do not warm cold rice.

Variations in the room temperature may cause the rice to discolor and
lose its fresh smell.
Unplug the rice cooker when it is not be used.
Clean the dew collector located on the side of the rice cooker by pouring
out the water, cleaning and sanitizing it after every use.


How to Cook Rice

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