NeoDigits Helios H4000 User Manual

Page 14

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Connecting via component video connection

Insert one end of the component video (Y / Cb / Cr) cable into the red/blue/green

socket of the component video output located on the rear of the player. Insert the

other end of the cable into the component video input socket located on your TV.

Use the supplied audio cable to connect the player to your TV.

Or you can use digital audio connection (coaxial/optical) or 5.1 channel connection

to your AV receiver.

Connecting via HDMI/DVI video

Use the HDMI cable to connect the player to HDMI input of your TV.

You need an HDMI to DVI cable to connect the player to DVI input.

HDMI will output both video and audio (you need to turn off the digital output in the

player’s setup in order to get audio from HDMI)