Playing discs – NeoDigits Helios H4000 User Manual

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Playing Discs

1. This player can play all kinds of discs including DVD, VCD, Audio CD, CVD, SVCD,

MP3 and JPEG

2. Play discs:


Connect TV set to the player


Turn on the player


Eject the tray by pressing the Open/Close button

iv. Place the disc on the tray and press Open/Close


The disc will be played automatically (some discs may require you to press

the Play button to play)

3. Zoom: Press the ZOOM button to enlarge the image. Each time you press the

button, the image will be enlarged 2-3-4-5 times bigger, and then it will return to

its normal size. While zoomed, you can move the viewing area using the cursor


4. Mute: Press the MUTE BUTTON once to turn on mute and press again to turn

off mute.

5. Title: Some discs will include a Title option. This is often a short introduction to

the video before going to the DVD menu. Press the TITLE button to play the DVD

from the Title

6. Menu: This is the DVD menu. Common options for a DVD menu are Language

options, special features and episode selection. Press the MENU button to open

the DVD menu. To return to normal play, press the MENU button again.