NeoDigits Helios H4000 User Manual

Page 25

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Playing mpeg4

When you insert a disc with Mp4DivX files, the first file automatically begins to play*.

You can also manually select which file to play from STOP mode by pressing play

to see a list of the files. To see file / folder information, select the file and press

ENTER. To play a file, select it and press Play.

To play all the files in a folder / disc start playing the first file and then press display

to open the OSD. Then select the desired playback / repeat option.

*The first file is played automatically if Auto / Easy play is enabled.

Playing Audio CD

When you load an audio CD, the CD begins to play. If it does not begin automatically,

press PLAY. To select a different track, press the DISPLAY button to bring up the

OSD control menu. Or press NEXT

Playing Mp3

When you insert an MP3 disc or a disc with a folder containing music files the list

of files appears. Select a file and press PLAY to begin playback. The MP3 menu

automatically appears on the screen when playback starts. To select a different track,

press DISPLAY to open the OSD control menu.

Use the cursor keys to highlight the desired file and press ENTER to begin playing

the file.

Playing a JPEG file

Open JPEG files using the same procedure for MP3 files (See above).

While viewing a JPEG image, press ZOOM and a red Zoom frame appears. Use the

direction keys to adjust the frame position.

To rotate a JPEG image press ANGLE. Each time you press ANGLE the image is

rotated 90 degrees.

Slide Show Mode

Slide Show mode is used to play a series of JPEG images on a disc according to


1. Insert a disc containing the images and use the cursor keys to highlight the disc

and press ENTER

2. To select playing speed use [Up][Down]

3. While the slide show is playing, use [Left][Right] to skip the current image.

4. Press [STOP] to stop the slide show. You can press Root Menu to display disc


5. You can also open the OSD by pressing DISPLAY