Nakamichi CD-45Z User Manual

Page 3

background image

A quick snapshot of the
4 screws removed in the
previous steps. Just
provided for reference
incase it is useful for

The next step is to re-
move the outer dash trim
piece. To do this just
start pulling up at the top
and work your way
down. I have shown the
before and after pictures
on the left and right re-

Now, remove the four
screws holding in the
center dash rack. This
rack holds the entirely
CD, ashtray, lighter, etc
assembly. Be careful,
underneath this unit is
the airbag control sys-
tem. We would not
want to inadvertently
damage it in the proc-
ess. On the next page is
a large picture showing
the four screws to re-
move. The picture on
the let is before remov-
ing them. On the right
is after.