Nakamichi CD-45Z User Manual

Page 5

background image

Pull the center dash rack
out about 4 to 6 inches.
Once you have done this,
reach over to the right
side and pull off the
ground connector as
shown in the picture on
the right. Continue to
pull the rack out. This
step is why it is impor-
tant to put the car in a
gear lower than park.
You will find that if you
do not, you won’t be able
to pull the rack out. The
shifter will get in your
way which is very an-
noying when your hands
are busy with other

Here is the stereo pulled
out. The box with the big
yellow sticker on it is the
airbag control box, leave it
alone! Now you can dis-
connect your current stereo
and connect up your new
one. Below I have included
the pin-out for the 14-pin
connector standard in a Su-