Nakamichi CD-45Z User Manual

Page 7

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I chose to disconnect the cigarette lighter be-
cause I have never smoked, do not know any
smokers, and really do not want anyone to
ever smoke in my car without my knowing it.
I figure that this helps to eliminate the chances
of someone lighting up in my car.

This is a picture of something
else I am very happy with. I
used an RCA to mini-stereo
plug adapter to allow me to
attach my MP3 Player to the
car stereo. I wired it up to the
AUX IN connector. Now
when I switch to AUX IN
mode I can play from a
friends MP3 player or my

Yes, MP3 is a sin to play on
such a fine stereo, but when
you got over 1k dollars of
your audio CDs stolen, some-
times you have to deal with
things like that… ;-(

Finally, now all you need to do is clean up any connections that are dan-
gling and try to squeeze your stereo back into the recess. I would not
suggest re-screwing it in until you are certain that it is operational. It is
really annoying to have to re-extricate it because you messed up on a
connection. An easy way to test some things is to like shift the fade to
full rear, balance to full left, then balance to full right, then fade to full
front, then balance back to full left. This should show all four speakers
working. If you did not hear something in all 4 of these scenarios, then
you have something mis- or disconnected. Go back and check your con-
nections and try again.