Nakamichi CD-45Z User Manual

Page 8

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Here is me trying out my new stereo, the Nak 45z.
A very fine sounding stereo indeed. If you are in
need of a very high quality stereo, I would defi-
nitely recommend it. You can’t play your video
games on it or any of that shit, but who the hell
wants to do that type of crap anyways. I am not up
for any ugly flashy buttons on my stereos, so I went
with a Nakamichi. It is, in fact, the only one that
did not make me puke with its looks. As you can
tell from the final install pictures, it looks right at
home in my car.

A couple of shots of my MP3 player cable cubby hole. I finally
came up with a good use for the ashtray!!! Yipee!!!

I hope this install guide has helped others with any issues they
might have been having. Good luck.

—Lance Feagan