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Multiple Channel Mixing

One exciting feature of your Beatkeeper built into your

mixer is the option to visually beat mix more than 2 sources

at the same time. Once you have synced a channel of the

Beatkeeper the unit will continue to track it even if you

should decide to change channels. Up to all four channels

can be in sync simultaneously. By selecting different

channels you can cross-compare the mix of any 2 channels


In order do perform a 3-way mix you first will

need to set up a 2-way mix as described in the

previous section.

NOTE: Multiple source or “layer” mixes should be

performed with a minimum of vocals otherwise the music

will clash when mixed for a long period of time.

The next step will be to decide which input channel you

would like to use as a reference for beat mixing. While

your 2-way mix is ongoing change the channel,

on the side you have not chosen as a reference, to the

next song you plan to mix into. Now sync and mix this

song like you did for the 2-way mix. After you have

synced up the new song you should continue to check

your original mix by switching between channels. When

you have properly aligned the new song you are ready to

perform a 3-way mix.

To perform a 4-way mix just do the same thing again.

Prepping For A Mix

You may also choose to prep the Beatkeeper for an

actual mix. To prep the Beatkeeper, first match the two

song's tempos by adjusting the pitch so that the Tempo

Difference LED graph displays yellow or green LEDs. Next

hit the Cue button of your CD player, or lift your record

needle. The red “beat” LED will remain solid alerting you to

which input is ready to start. When the music starts again,

the Beatkeeper begins right on the beat and indicates how

well the two songs are synced within seconds.

Syncing To Off Beats

Now if you really want to be fancy, you can actually use

the Beatkeeper to sync to the off- beats. You can have two

songs going “Boom - Cha - Boom - Cha”. Normally, you

would sync the “Booms” of both songs (beat-to-beat

mixing). But you can also sync the “Boom” of one song to

the “Cha” of the other (beat-to-half beat mixing). The

Beatkeeper’s Beat Offset graph will display whichever

offset is smaller. This allows the DJ the flexibility to mix with

the beat or the off-beat.

Beat mixing is a skill that must be practiced in order to be proficient at it. 3

and 4-way mixing can be a very difficult skill to master. Visual mixing with

the Beatkeeper gives you the tools to help you do this, but nothing

replaces practice.

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