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You have purchased the D M 1 8 3 5 X Stereo Mixer by Numark. This equipment features
all new multi-source Beatkeeper technology. With all new circuitry and the latest in
manufacturing and design technology you get greater quality and better reliability than
ever before. TheDM1835X Preamp Mixer has been designed by DJs for DJs. It gives
you all of the controls and features you need in a professional piece of equipment to
show off the best of your skills.
Thank you for buying Numark DJ products!


User replaceable assignable ALPs™ crossfader .

Bass, Mid,Treble,and Gain controls on every input channel.

Left<->Right Pan control on each channel and the DJ Mic.

• Bass, Mid & Treble “KILL” switches for special effects and creative mixing.

Neutrik™ “Combo” connector allows 1/4” or XLR plug to be used for DJ Mic.

8 line inputs.

Three phono inputs switchable to line level.

Sends on each channel for easily hooking up external effects.

Pushbutton Cueing with PFL (pre-fader listen) on each channel.

Headphone monitoring with PFL/Program fader.

Master and 2 Zone outputs.

Stereo/Mono switch on the Master and Zones.

Balanced Outputs.

Tape Out for direct recording.

Powerful stereo headphone output.

High-end performance audio signal.

12V BNC light connector.




Automatic BPM tracking of up to 8 input sources (4 simultaneously)

Accurate digital BPM displays

Visual live tracking of your mix progress, using Tempo Difference
and Beat Offset Bar Graphs

All visual displays update on every beat

Sync Lock Button for accurate BPM tracking

Beat Assist for locking to the correct beat

Simple user interface

Once you've synced your Beatkeeper you've opened a whole new dimension in mixing.

The Beatkeeper has two bar graphs - one showing the tempo difference, and the other showing

the beat offset. Now you can see when your mix is on track. If the beats start to drift, you'll be

able to easily adjust the music before your audience can hear it. No other beat counter or

automatic mixer can give you the power to make a more accurate mix.

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