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DM 1835X


T1 The BPM goes way off when using the search

button on my high tech CD mixer.

Some high tech CD mixers have a cueing feature which

allows you to cue precisely to an exact spot in the music so

you can slam mix. The only problem is that this mode repeats

the first beat of the music at a rate which is unrelated to the

actual BPM of the music. As a result, the BPM goes off track.

The best way to avoid this is to restart the music after a

search, make sure the Beatkeeper is resynced to the music

and then press the Cue button on the CD player. The

Beatkeeper will remember the BPM and track the music

once it starts.

T2 The Beatkeeper doesn't resync to the

downbeat of the music when the music restarts.

Either the downbeat isn't strong enough to be

detected, or the music was started well before a strong

downbeat. You can easily resync to the downbeat by

tapping the Beat Assist button once with the beat.

Alternatively you can cue the music to a strong downbeat so

that the Beatkeeper starts on this downbeat.

T4 Either the BPM display is blank, or it is

noticeably off.

This is common at the beginnings of songs where the

beat is not well defined. To sync simply tap the Beat Assist

button two or more consecutive times on the downbeat.

The Sync Lock LED turns on automatically, indicating that

the Beatkeeper is now tracking the beat of the music.

T5 The BPM display is correct, but the beat LED

isn't flashing on the downbeats of the music.

If this happens tap the Sync Lock button (turning the

Sync Lock LED on) and tap the Beat Assist button once to

make the Beatkeeper track the downbeat. You can also use

this to force the Beatkeeper to track an offbeat for more

advanced mixing.

Alternatively you may sync manually by tapping the

Beat Assist button 2 or more times on the beat.

T6 The Beats per minute number seems to jump

all over the place.

The Beatkeeper is analyzing different sections of the

music to find the BPM. If there is a temporary suspension of

a distinct beat or if the rhythm is too complex, this number

may not follow the actual BPM.

a ) You can wait for a passage of music with a steady

beat for a more accurate BPM indication.

b ) Hit the Sync Lock button once the red beat LED

starts following the beat

or c ) Tap the Beat Assist button at least twice along

with the music beat.

Either method (b or c) will cause the Sync Lock LED to

turn and lock on, indicating that the Beatkeeper is now

tracking the music.

T7 It takes too long for the Beatkeeper to find

the beat on its own.

To speed up the BPM detection process, tap the Beat

Assist button at least twice. At this point, the Beatkeeper will

turn on the Sync Lock LED, immediately providing a BPM

estimate, while resynchronizing to the beat you tapped.

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