Numark Industries DM 1835X User Manual

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T8 I hit the Sync Lock button, but the flashing

red beat LED doesn't seem to follow the beat.

This means you hit the Sync Lock button before the

red beat LED actually started tracking the tempo. You can

easily fix this by tapping the Beat Assist buttons as many

times as necessary to resync to the beat of the music.

T9 The beat tracking suddenly gets off track.

This may happen if the music has several beats

missing, or the rhythm suddenly becomes extremely

complex or variable. You can either resync the beat using

the Beat Assist button or wait a few seconds for the

Beatkeeper to automatically recover.

T10 The Beatkeeper seems to track the music for

a little bit right after using the Beat Assist, and

then drifts off.

This could be one of two things:

a ) The Beatkeeper is averaging the time between each

of your Beat Assist button taps. If the first tap is way off, the

tempo will be way off.

b ) The Beatkeeper was synced during a section of the

music without a well defined beat.

In either case, the problem can be overcome by waiting

a few seconds before preceding to tap the Beat Assist

button two or more times with the beat of the music.

T11 Either the BPM number or red beat LED

doesn't track the music fast enough while using

the pitch bend on my CD player (or speed control

on my record player).

You may have exceeded the tracking capability of the

Beatkeeper. The Beatkeeper can normally handle speed

changes of +/- 5% per beat if the music's rhythm is steady. If

the rhythm is complex (or some of the beats are missing) the

Beatkeeper will require more gradual changes to track


* If you are using a record player or a wide range pitch

bend on a CD player, note that the Beatkeeper only tracks

+/- 11.5% from the tempo at which it was synced. You may

need to resync the Beatkeeper if you exceed this range

while attempting to align tempos.

* You can also manually resync the beat using the Beat

Assist button.

T12 Neither the Tempo Difference graph or the

Beat Offset graph seem to work.

The bar graphs are only operational when both Sync

Lock LEDs are illuminated. This ensures that you don't

inadvertently try to mix two songs without their tempos

being synced.

To make the bar graphs operational, either:

a ) Wait for the red beat LED’s to follow the music and tap

the respective Sync Lock button

or b ) Tap the Beat Assist button twice with the beat of

the music.

Either method will cause the Sync Lock LED to


T13 The Beat Offset graph is not illuminated, but

the Tempo Difference graph is.

This indicates that one or both of the inputs are not

playing. The Beat Offset graph turns off when there are no

beats available for tracking on either or both inputs. The

graph automatically restarts once both inputs become active


T14 The Beat Offset graph has the green LED

illuminated when the red beat LEDs are a half

beat off from each other.

This indicates that the songs are synced at their half

beats. With rap music and some house, mixing is often done

on the half beats rather than the down beats themselves.

The Beatkeeper intentionally syncs this way to give the DJ

the option of beat-to-beat mixing or beat-to-halfbeat mixing.

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