Nortel Networks Control Clamp EMC User Manual

Installing the emc control clamp

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June 2000

Installing the EMC Control Clamp

The EMC Control Clamp must be placed no further than 3.7 cm. (1-1/2 inches)
from the connector located on the PCMCIA card. The cable must pass through the
clamp three times to function properly.

To attach the EMC Control Clamp to the Ethernet cable, follow these procedures:

1. Open the clamp by placing your thumb

nail into the side of the clamp that has
the edge on it. Pull out and lift the top of
the clamp.

2. Place the Ethernet cable through the

center of the clamp. Adjust the cable to
make sure you are within 3.7 cm (1-1/2
inches) of the PC card connector.

3. Holding the cable in the clamp with your

thumb, wrap the Ethernet cable around
and through the center of the clamp two
more times.

4. Hold the Ethernet cable together in the

center of the clamp and close the clamp
until it snaps shut.

5. Connect the cable to the port on the

PCMCIA card.

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