Nortel Networks Meridian 11CM User Manual

Meridian 1 option 11c, Product guide, Key features

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Product Guide

Meridian 1 Option 11C

Meridian 1 Option 11C is designed to be modular, flexible, easy to use,
easy to install, and easy to sell. Option 11C delivers all the functionality,
rich applications support and reliability of the larger systems in the
Meridian 1 portfolio. Option 11C deploys the same X11 Software,
Intelligent Peripheral Equipment (IPE) cards, desktop telephones and
provides the same applications that are used by the larger Meridian 1
systems. The modular design of Option 11C allows for it to be an off-
the-shelf product. With focus on small to medium businesses, Option
11C delivers to your business robust power at great value.
Option 11C services up to 800 ports and supports up to 58,000 Busy-
Hour-Call-Completions (BHCC) per hour. Option 11C has a host of IP
and remote capabilities in addition to supporting industry leading
Meridian integrated applications. State-of-the-art software updates can be
downloaded via the Internet.
Option 11C exemplifies the value of simplicity without compromising functionality or reliability. Incorporating the
latest technological advances while protecting your initial investment. Option 11C epitomizes "five-nines" reliability.
Option 11C is built on a solid foundation that has longevity - at Nortel Networks, we call that evergreen by design,
and it’s your investment protection guarantee.

Key Features

Motorola 68040 Commercial Processor: Option 11C packs the same power as the larger Meridian 1 systems
with the Motorola 68040 commercial processor. This increase in processing capability enables Option 11C to
support real-time intensive applications, heavy call traffic associated with call centers, and sophisticated
applications such as Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Customer Controlled Routing (CCR), and
Integrated Voice Response (IVR) . The robust processing power ensures that the Option 11C can support your
business needs today as well as future applications.

Ethernet Connection: The Option 11C Ethernet connection provides an Equipment LAN (ELAN)
connection into server based applications such as Symposium Call Center Server (SCCS) for Call Centers,
CallPilot servers for Unified Messaging and to Optivity Telephony Manager (OTM) for system administration.
It can also be used to deliver Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) alarm traps to open management
workstations such as Optivity Network Management System (NMS) or HP OpenView. SNMP compatibility
allows more efficient Meridian 1 alarm management to provide a unified view of network operations in
managing both your voice and data networks.