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Meridian 1 Option 11C


across your WAN with Meridian 1 ITG Trunk Side Gateways between multiple Option 11C systems. Or both. The
choice and flexibility is yours.
If you have a Call Center, Nortel Networks Symposium portfolio has solutions right for your operations. Whether a
small workgroup operation with Symposium Call Center Express server (SCCE) or larger call centers with
Symposium Call Center Server (SCCS), both are supported by the reliable and robust features of Option 11C and
X11 Software.
Option 11C is also particularly well suited for use throughout your network with its powerful suite of Integrated
Services Digital Networking features. ISDN is a set of standards that is capable of transmitting fully digital
communications (voice, data, fax and image) over the same facilities. Option 11C’s robust ISDN feature set benefits
your business as it expands to multiple sites with centralized services (for administrative savings) and distributed
intelligence (for added system resiliency and customer responsiveness). Examples of centralized services across your
network include Uniform Dialing Plan along with Centralized Messaging Services, which standardize user interfaces
while simplifying administration. In turn, distributed intelligence services include such the IP Expansion Option for
distributing Option 11C Expansion cabinets over your Ethernet network and Network Attendant Service for
distributed attendant services boosting customer responsiveness. In addition, Option 11C expansion cabinets, with
the IP Expansion Option, can also act as a fully survivable remote. Supporting the most mission critical of

All the performance, value, simplicity and unparalleled quality you'd expect from Nortel Networks is available with
Meridian 1 Option 11C, the leading manufacturer of digital communication systems.

Value Proposition

Meridian 1 Option 11C is a powerful system in a small package, supporting up to 800 ports. Option 11C supports
the same first-class desktop and system features as the larger Meridian 1 systems, including digital telephones, in-
building wireless communications
, voice messaging, call center, server based system management and multimedia
With its robust scalability, Option 11C can be configured for a single site as your main
communications system or provide excellent multi-location support with ISDN Private Networking. The Option
11C's modular design allows you to easily and cost-effectively add capacity and new capabilities as needs arise, thus
making it a truly future safe investment for small and medium size enterprises needing robust communications

Target Market

Option 11C is ideal for customers looking for an economical communications system for businesses ranging from
80 to 800 ports. Option 11C is ideally suited as a standalone system for your corporate headquarters or for
networked corporate branches within a larger Meridian 1 network. With its reduced footprint, it is an ideal solution
for limited space switch room environments. Cabinets are typically wall-mounted, however, there is also a footstand
available for deployment on a floor. Option 11C can operate in both an AC and DC current environment.

Product Codes

Order Number


NTWB09AA Option 11C Main Cabinet (AC)


Option 11C Main Cabinet (DC)


Option 11C Expansion Cabinet (AC)

NTWB09DA Option 11C Expansion Cabinet (DC)


Option 11C General Business Software Package (USA)


Option 11C Enhanced Business Software Package (USA)


Option 11C Enterprise Software Package (USA)


Option 11C NAS/VNS Software Package (USA)