Solution sets – Nortel Networks Meridian 11CM User Manual

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Meridian 1 Option 11C


Keycode Software Activation: With Option 11C, Nortel Networks provides a software delivery system which
enables Feature Packages and Terminal Number (TN) levels to be activated via keycodes, allowing for much
quicker and easier order fulfillment. X11 Software release upgrades are handled via PCMCIA cards. All of the
software features of the release are then loaded onto your Option 11C system. Keycode activation then enables
you to take advantage of those features desired by your business.

Easy to Use Digital Phones: Meridian Digital Telephones bring all the powerful features and services of the
Meridian 1 Option 11C to each desktop in your company, helping employees communicate better and
improving productivity company-wide. You can choose from a wide selection of telephones to match the
specific needs of each employee. Choose from a digital telephone portfolio which includes a single-line
telephone, specialized sets for telemarketing, a variety of business telephone configurations that provide
capacities from 6 to 60 keys for lines and features, modular displays for enhanced call coverage, and
programmable data adapters to take advantage of sharing on-site and remote computers, modems and public

Effective Voice Messaging: Meridian 1 Option 11C voice messaging gives you the tools to provide personal
and professional attention to everyone who contacts your company - whether by phone or by fax. Meridian Mail
Card Option provides voice mail messaging as well as a wide variety of other features for efficient message
management. Meridian Mail networking can provide cost-effective and efficient voice messaging to any location
in your network, delivering the same features to everyone in your company for simpler communications.
CallPilot, for unified messaging, brings email, voicemail and faxmail management to a single interface for your
employees – that being their desktop PC. With Nortel Networks and Option 11C – you have choice in your
messaging platforms.

Call Center Management: With our web portal solutions portfolio, your business can take advantage of the
latest advancements in skill base routing and customer relationship management applications. Whether it’s for a
workgroup call center with Symposium Call Center Express (SCCE) or the most robust of call centers with
Symposium Call Center Server (SCCS). Our call center products improve operating efficiency with functionality
that also provides the best in customer service.

Distribution over IP: With the Option 11C IP Expansion Option, Option 11C expansion cabinets that house
Intelligent Peripheral Equipment (IPE) can be distributed across your campus via 100Base-T Copper or
100Base-F Fiber point-to-point. This affords your business the opportunity to leverage existing bandwidth in
place that supports your data network for QoS enabled VoIP. All with the robust feature sets of Option 11C
and Meridian 1’s X11 software. Truly the best of converged voice and data!

Solution Sets

Today’s global economy has intensified competition, particularly for small to medium sized businesses. Going head-
to-head with large corporations means the smaller enterprise must work smarter and within its budget to come out
on top. Choosing the right communication system is a crucial decision. Your business demands a system robust
enough to meet your needs today but also modular and technically savvy enough to expand for your business needs

Option 11C is that communications system. As an integral member of the Meridian 1 system portfolio, Option 11C
is designed to be modular, flexible and to easily accommodate future technologies. With Option 11C, over 450
software features are available to your business – leveraging the same feature set as that available on our larger
Meridian 1 systems. So as your business grows, features that are integrated into your daily business practices, such as
voice messaging or automatic call distribution, aren’t lost. They carry forward… eliminating any retraining costs.
Intelligent Peripheral Equipment (IPE) cards are common to small and large systems. That’s what we mean by
Evergreen. It’s about investment protection. This is particularly important to small businesses whose needs can
change rapidly.
While small in footprint, Option 11C is large in capability. Option 11C enables your business to take advantage of
the latest technologies such as Voice over IP. Meridian 1 ITG Trunk Side and Line Side Gateways that reside within
Option 11C’s IPE offer to you an incremental pathway to Voice over IP. On a small scale or large scale – the
choice is yours. When it’s right for your business. So you can adopt Voice over IP at your desktop with our Meridian
1 ITG Line Side Gateway and our i2004 Internet Telephone and/or i2050 Software Phone. Or adopt Voice over IP