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Since our founding in 1992, Network

Appliance has been first to introduce the

technology, products, and partnerships

that drive the evolution of storage. Now

we are a full-line enterprise storage solu-

tions supplier, leading the innovation and

value curves for today’s data-intensive


Our solutions address the key customer

challenges around storage consolidation,

data-center operations, business continu-

ance, and global storage management.

Our broad and diverse product mix pro-

vides solutions for all types of enterprise

data—from mission-and business-critical

data that drive sophisticated CRM, DSS,

and ERP systems to remote-office/branch-

office data and archive/reference data.

Storage Is Today’s Growth Market

Improving and building their storage

resources is a high priority in corporations

all across the U.S. and the world.

According to a February 2002 survey

by CIO Magazine, an average 22% of a

company's total IT budget will be allocated

to storage this year. Some analysts

estimate that number will be as high as



. 63% of the CIO survey base

expects their storage spending to

increase over 2001—up by 27% on

average in 2002 compared to 2001.

The International Data Corporation (IDC),

an independent research firm, says that

networked storage is one of the fastest

growing segments of this market,

estimating that 1.3 million terabytes of


Follow the Leader
in Data Storage:
Network Appliance

Network Appliance delivers the three things you need
to build and maintain a successful business—the right
market, the right products, and the right programs.
Data storage is now one of the fastest growing markets
in technology. And in this market, Network Appliance
is the world leader in open network storage solutions
for today’s data-intensive enterprise.