Network appliance progress and milestones – Network Appliance Reseller Partner Program User Manual

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Industry First NAS

Initial Public Offering

Industry First
Storage Appliance

Industry First Network
Storage Appliance
Certified for Oracle

Industry First Content
Delivery Appliance

Added to NASDAQ-
100 and S&P 500

Co-Founded DAFS

First Block-Based
Network Storage

Industry First Nearline
Storage Appliance

Industry First
Unified SAN and
NAS Appliance

network appliance progress and milestones

Superior Products Are Just
the Beginning

Along with technically superior storage

products, Network Appliance backs its

solutions with services, R&D, testing, and

partner alliances to support your efforts.

Network Appliance also provides a range

of best practices, architecture, design,

implementation, and integration services

to help you rapidly implement solutions

for your customers under the full range

of commercial best practices.

In addition, Network Appliance works

with a wide range of hardware, software,

and IT industry leaders to provide com-

prehensive solutions that enable you to

support a customer’s most aggressive

e-business initiatives with complete,

highly available, and totally efficient

business infrastructures. You gain a real

competitive advantage while your cus-

tomers get turnkey solutions that solve

their most critical business problems.

A Complete Customer
Service Offering

NetApp Professional Services works

with you and your customers to provide

a storage solution that meets their unique

requirements—assessing the customer’s

specific operational and technical needs,

designing the storage network architec-

ture, and deploying and managing

the solution.

To ensure that your customer’s employ-

ees always work at maximum efficiency,

NetApp Educational Services provides

comprehensive training and certification

programs. Available anytime and any-

where, our comprehensive NOW

(NetApp on the Web) site features an

array of self-service tools that give your

customers the knowledge and information

they need to manage their storage

solution. NOW provides online technical

assistance, a large knowledge base

of NetApp storage solutions, real-time

engineering support, details on the

customer’s installed base, and more.

Our Business Is Making Your
Business a Success

The Network Appliance VIP (Very

Important Partner) Program is focused

on keeping NetApp resellers successful

and on the competitive edge with industry-

leading products and solutions, excellent

discount levels, and comprehensive

sales, marketing, demo, training, and

certification programs focused on winning

and retaining customers.