Neuros Audio 442 User Manual

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7. BACK/EXIT: While the Neuros 442 is in “Play” mode, press this button to stop
and return to the previous menu. When not in “Play” mode, press this button to
return to the previous menu.
8. MENU: Press to enter the Setting Options menu.
Note: each of the 7 categories has a different set of options as you press the
Menu button.

Power On and Off

1. Press and hold the Power button for 2~3 seconds to power the Neuros 442

on or off.

2. Automatic shut off takes place when the Neuros 442 unit has been idle.

Lightly tap the center of the Navigation Joystick to awaken the Neuros 442

After the startup screen (with the Neuros 442 logo displayed), you will see the
main options scrolled across the top. You can now begin to use the Neuros 442.

Main Menu
The main menu has seven options represented by icons listed below. Note that
each icon has two names, a longer name that appears below the icon and a
shorter name that appears above (and is in parentheses below). The longer
name is used throughout this manual.
Video Player (Video) / Photo Viewer (Photo) / Files Management (Files)
/Voice Recording (PVR) / Video Recording (Video) / Setting Options (Setup)
Audio Player (Audio).

Note: if the Neuros 442 appears to be non-responsive, make sure to check the
TV/LOCK button as instructed under “Front View/Control Buttons” above. If this
does not resolve the problem, you may then use the Reset button at the bottom
of the unit (described below).

Setting Options

1. Press the left or right arrow of the Navigation Joystick until the Setting

Options icon is in the center and highlighted.

2. Press the Play/Pause button to enter the Setting options category.
3. Press the up or down arrow on the Navigation Joystick to select the item of your


4. Press the BACK/EXIT button to return to the main menu

Video Player