Neuros Audio 442 User Manual

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1. From the main menu, use the Navigation Joystick (right and left arrows) to

highlight the Video Player icon, then press Play/Pause to enter the Video
Player directory.

2. Video content can be found in the “PVR (Personal Video Recordings)” folder

and in “Video” or other appropriately-named folders. (You may choose to
rename the folders to suit your needs.) When a video or audio item is
recorded directly to the Neuros 442, it is automatically saved to a directory
named with the current date. You likely would want to re-name it and perhaps
relocate it in the Neuros 442 file structure (see Files Management below).
After selecting one of the folders with the Navigation Joystick, press the
Play/Pause button. Select the filename for the item you wish to play by using
the Navigation Joystick,” to highlight it. Then press the Play/Pause button
to start the video Player.

3. To fast-forward a video during a playback, press and release the right arrow

on the Navigation Joystick. (Press once to fast-forward by 2x, press twice to
fast-forward 4x, etc.—the maximum fast-forward speed is 16x.) Press the
Play/Pause button when ready to return to normal video playback speed.

4. To rewind (or “fast-reverse”) the video Player, press and release the left arrow

on the Navigation Joystick. (Press once to fast-rewind by 2x, press twice for
4x, etc.—the maximum fast-rewind speed is 16x.) Press the Play/Pause
button to return to normal video playback speed.

(Note: the audio and the video might seem to be out of synch for a few
seconds when you switch from a fast-forward or rewind mode to normal
playback speed.)

5. You can redirect the video output from the Neuros 442 screen to a TV (or

other device linked to it, like a cable converter or home theater control unit) by
pressing the TV/LOCK button. Pressing the button again redirects the signal
back to the Neuros 442.

6. Managing Audio/Video/Photo and Other Files on the Neuros 442. You can

transfer the Video, Audio, Photo, or any other kind of file within the Neuros
442 or between it and a PC by using the PC’s file management tools.
Connect the Neuros 442 to your PC using the mini USB cable. Then you use
your computer’s operating system and file management tools to arrange your
data (music, photos, video, etc.) as you like (you can rename files, use drag
and drop or cut and paste features). The changes you make while connected
to the PC will be reflected in the Neuros 442 after you disconnect it from your
PC by removing the USB cable.