Neuros Audio 442 User Manual

Page 8

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Cable into the corresponding colored ports for the device you will be
recording from (the “source” such as a CD player, TV, or other audio output
device). The source device outputs may not be color-coded and could
instead have text indicating which channel is “right” and which is “left.”

2. From the Neuros 442 main menu, use the Navigation Joystick to locate the

Voice Recording icon, then press the Play/Pause button to select it and
enter the Voice screen. Once you are in this screen you will see a film banner
with the word “Voice” on the left side. Press the Menu button to set the
preferred recording options and the recording time (in increments of 30
minutes). Once you have set the recording options for the item you’re about
to record, press the BACK/EXIT button. Press the Play/Pause button to start
audio recording. The banner will disappear from the screen, indicating
recording is under way.

Note: If the “Low Battery” message appears on the screen the battery may run
out during recording. We recommend you plug the unit into AC power during
recording whenever possible.

3. Once the recording is complete, stop the recording by pressing the

BACK/EXIT button. If you then resume recording, a new file will be created.

Files Management

1. Files are generally most easily manipulated (renamed, moved to different

directories, copied, etc. when the Neuros 442 is connected to a PC (see #6
under Video Player section above).

2. To manage files using the Neuros 442 without connecting it to a PC, choose

the Files Management icon from the main menu with the Navigation
Joystick and press the Play/Pause button.

3. If you have an SD (“Secure Digital”) card in the Neuros 442, there will be a

split screen (with “a: HD” [HD= “Hard Disk”] on the left side and “b: SD/MMC”
[SD/MMC = “Secure Digital/Multi Media Card”] on the right side). This means
you can treat the left side as disk a: and the right side as disk b:, where
transferring files back and forth is similar to doing that on a PC. If there is no
SD card installed, “a: HD” appears on both sides.

a. To copy files from one folder to another: Highlight a file by scrolling to it

with the Navigation Joystick, then highlight it by pressing the
Play/Pause button. An arrow will appear by the highlighted file. Repeat
the selection steps if you wish to copy several files. To copy the
highlighted files into a folder on the right side of the screen
(“destination folder”), scroll to the desired folder using the Navigation