Neuros Audio 442 User Manual

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Note: The Neuros 442 will appear as an external hard drive on your computer.
While the Neuros 442 is connected to a PC, its display screen is locked so
you will not be able to navigate through the menus of the unit.

Setup for Playback from Video Player
Within the Video Player category, you can choose how your files and folders will
be played by adjusting the “Repeat” function. Press the Menu button to access
this function.

The default setting is “Folder”, which means that the Neuros 442 will repeat
each of the file(s) in a selected folder and then repeat them (until you stop it).
If this folder has only one file, the Neuros 442 will play the file over and over
until you exit the playing mode. If you have several files, they will be played
one after another until you exit the playing mode. Other setting options are:
“Favorite” (Fav.) which will play only the files you have added to your
“Favorites.” (In the “Files” option, the Menu button lets you designate
something as “Favorite.”) “All” will display and play in turn all the video files
from all folders. “Single” will repeat the selected item (folder or individual file)
once. “None” turns off the repeat function, so items (e.g., files) you select will
be played only once.

After you have chosen how your folders and files will be played, highlight “Update
Playlist” using the Navigation Joystick, and click Play/Pause to update your
new play setting. The new setting will not be saved if you do not go through this

Audio Player

1. While in the Neuros 442 main menu, use the Navigation Joystick to select the

Audio Player icon. Press the Play/Pause Button to enter the Audio Player

2. Use the Navigation Joystick to highlight a file, then Press the Play/Pause

button to play it.
In addition to the repeat functions described for the Video Player category,
you can select a Shuf. (Shuffle) or Rand. (Random) playing option by
pressing the Menu button. The shuffle option will play every file in the
selected folder once, as the random option will play files randomly (some
might be played more than once). Once you have selected the playing option
of your choice, highlight the update playlist and press the Play/Pause button.

3. You can organize your Audio content within the Neuros 442 or transfer files

to and from a PC by using the files management features of your operating
system. See the description in the Video Player section above.