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Page 15: Hardware and software installation

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MXI-4 Series User Manual


Hardware and Software

This chapter explains how to install the MXI-4 software and hardware.

Software Installation

The software for your MXI-4 controller enables use of the MXI-4
Connection Monitor which is built into the MXI-4 hardware. This software
enhances the product, allowing you to monitor your MXI-4 link, view
information about the organization of your PXI system, and
programmatically retrieve data about the link, chassis, and modules you
have installed.

The MXI-4 software for Microsoft Windows operating systems is included
as part of NI-VISA. The appropriate version of NI-VISA is provided on the
MXI-4 Software CD or National Instruments Driver CD included with your
kit. To install the software, insert the CD into your computer and run the


program if it does not start automatically. Follow the

installation program prompts to install the NI-VISA software and any other
components you select. After installation you may be required to reboot
your computer before using the MXI-4 software.


If the MXI-4 software does not support your operating system, the operating system

will provide a mechanism for you to ignore the MXI-4 Connection Monitor which is built
into the MXI-4 hardware.

If you are using LabVIEW Real-Time, be sure you also update the LabVIEW RT controller
by accessing the Software attributes of your target system in Measurement & Automation
Explorer (MAX) and using MAX to update the software on your LabVIEW RT controller.

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