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Appendix B

Common Questions

MXI-4 Series User Manual


function will show up in the WDM listed under System devices as a PCI
standard PCI-to-PCI bridge
. The second function listing in the WDM
will show up as a MXI-4 Connection Monitor when the correct MXI-4
driver is installed.

If the MXI-4 software is not installed, the PCI-to-PCI function will still be
detected and work correctly, but the MXI-4 Connection Monitor will be
detected as an unknown device.

MXI-3 to MXI-4 Upgrade Questions

What are some of the improvements from MXI-3 to MXI-4?

MXI-4 incorporates the latest technology to include:

Universal PCI support for both 3.3 V and 5 V PCI slots.

Improved error correction and handling for noisy or harsh

Expanded operating temperature range to 0–55 °C.

Improved mechanical connectivity.

Can a MXI-3 and a MXI-4 board be used together directly?

No. MXI-3 and MXI-4 boards use different cable connectors and cannot be
plugged in together. Additionally, the board-to-board communication
protocols differ.

Can I use a MXI-3 and a MXI-4 kit in the same multi-chassis PXI

Yes. Different MXI kits can be intermixed to connect multiple PXI chassis
together. As mentioned previously, an individual MXI-3 board will not
cable directly to a MXI-4 board.

MXI-3 systems required the use of a specific boot ordering. Is this still
a requirement with MXI-4?

Yes, the requirements of the PCI bus still mandate that you must power on
secondary PXI chassis before powering on the host PC or controller when
using MXI-4, but MXI-4 does have improved boot behavior when using
multiple chassis connected in series.

With MXI-3 and several chassis connected in series, you were required to
power on the chassis in order starting with the chassis at the end of the chain
and move towards the host controller. Now with MXI-4, multiple chassis

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