Making lollipops, Making dessert cups, Troubleshooting – Nostalgia Electrics Retro Chocolate Heaven RHM-800 User Manual

Page 6: Cleaning

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Follow instruction above (1 – 10)

Place any addition you choose to the lollipop mold, then lay the lollipop stick in the
mold, where there is a notch for the stick.

Using a spoon, filled with chocolate, fill the lollipop mold with chocolate.

Follow instructions 13 & 14 above.

When candy and or lollipop-making session is completed, let the ceramic pot cool
before cleaning.

Use your lollypop or candy creation as a small gift at each place setting for your next
holiday gathering!


1. Follow instructions 1 – 9 in the CANDY MAKING section.

2. Fill the dessert cup mold with the chocolate of your choice using a spoon to fill.

3. Let the dessert cup sit until the chocolate is solid again.

4. Once the dessert cup chocolate is cool and solid, turn the dessert cup over, on a piece

of wax paper or a plate, and gently press the mold to remove the chocolate dessert


Turn the chocolate dessert cup right side up and fill with your favorite ingredients, such
as candy, whipped cream, fruit, and more! You can create the dream dessert cup by
adding your favorite ingredients. Create a dessert cup for that someone special by
adding their favorite ingredients.


You can use the molds over and over again, creating something more delicious than the
last ones. It’s just that easy!

Power light does not come on

Check electrical plug to insure it is fully and

OR Chocolate is not melting

properly plugged in.

Chocolate is too thick

Add more oil, only as necessary. Do not thin it out

too much as candies will take a long time to
become solid again.


Make sure the unit is unplugged before cleaning. Allow metal pot to COOL to the

When entire unit is cool, remove metal pot, remove excess chocolate and dispose in
garbage – NOT IN THE SINK.

Wash the metal pot and lid with hot or warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly and dry.

Wipe off the exterior of the painted melting pot unit with a damp non abrasive cloth or
sponge, then dry. DO NOT IMMERSE IN WATER!

You’re ready for the next chocolate melting session!