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Connoisseur collection, Refrigerated wine storage use and care guide, By northland

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Refrigerated Wine Storage

Use and Care Guide

Connoisseur Collection




Northland Kitchen Appliance

P.O. Box 400 Greenville, Michigan 48838-0400

1-800-223-3900 Fax: 616-754-0970

For your convenience, please record the following information for future reference:

Date of purchase:

Dealers Phone #:

Dealers Name & Address:

Model #:

Date Warranty Card Sent:

Serial #:


• Model # & Serial # can be located on the serial plate of the product. Serial plates are located on

the lower front cabinet flange or on the top of the inside compartment liner, dependent on model.

• It is recommended that you attach the original sales receipt to this Use & Care Guide.