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Page 4: Under counter models, Lamp replacement, What to do in the event of a power failure

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How to Clean and
Maintain Your Wine Chiller

Condenser: The condenser is an integral part of the
refrigeration system used to expel heat that has been
removed from the storage compartment. Therefore, to
maintain optimal efficiency of your unit, periodic cleaning
should be performed, and the condenser must receive
adequate ventilation. At least once or twice a year,
brush and/or vacuum lint and dirt from the condenser
heat exchanger. The condenser heat exchanger on full-
height built-in models is located behind the fascia panel
above the unit. On under counter models the heat
exchanger is located behind the lower toe-grille. To
assure adequate ventilation, be sure that nothing
obstructs the openings in and around the fascia panel or
toe-grille, dependent on your specific model.

Cabinet: The painted cabinet can be washed with mild
soap and water and thoroughly rinsed with clear water.
Never use abrasive scouring powders.

Interior: Wash interior compartment with mild soap and
water. Do not use an abrasive powder, solvent, polish
cleaner or undiluted detergent.

Glass Door: Use a glass cleaner or mild soap and
water and soft cloth to clean the glass door model. Do
not use any abrasive powders.

Door Gasket: The vinyl gasket may be cleaned with
mild soap and water, a baking soda solution or a mild
scouring powder.


Warning! It is highly recommended that you discon-

nect the power cord to the unit before attempting lamp
replacement. Failure to do so could result in electrical
shock that could severely injure you. The "OFF" posi-
tion on the control does not disconnect power to the
lamp assemblies.

Full-Height Built-In Models

Main Compartment Lighting: These models use
two(2) 40 watt daylight filtered incandescent bulbs locat-
ed at the "top-front-center" as the primary compartment
illumination. This lighting is activated whenever the
door is opened.

Aesthetic / Supplemental Lighting: Your unit is pro-
vided with five(5) low wattage lamp tubes for aesthetic

and/or supplemental lighting. Various "user selectable"
modes of activation for these lights are available,
(please see "Light Switch Function" in the "Appliance
Features" section of this manual).

Under Counter Models

Compartmental and aesthetic lighting is provided via
one(1) or two(2) low wattage lamp tubes, dependent on
your specific model, located at the top of the compart-
ment. These lamps are activated whenever the door is
opened or can be "user selected" to remain on at all
times, (please see "Light Switch Function" in the
"Appliance Features" section of this manual).

Lamp Replacement

Bulbs: Please use equivalent size bulbs with wattage
per bulb not to exceed 40 watts. If you prefer to use the
factory specified daylight filtered bulbs, and have difficul-
ty locating them, please contact the dealer you pur-
chased your unit from with your specific model and seri-
al number for ordering information.

Lamp Tubes: The lamp tubes are very reliable and are
designed for long life. However, if a lamp tube ever
requires replacement, you must use the original factory
specified lamp tube assembly, as they have been
designed specifically for your unit. To order the correct
lamp tube replacement kit for your specific model,
please contact the dealer you purchased your unit from
with your model and serial number available. Lamp
tube replacement kits include replacement instructions
and any miscellaneous hardware required.

Note: Bulbs and lamp tubes not covered under product
Seven(7) year limited warranty.

What to do in the event of a Power Failure

Power failures of duration less than 2-hours will have
minimal effect on the compartmental temperatures if the
door remains closed. Door openings during the power
failure will adversely affect the compartment tempera-
ture. Power outages in excess of 2-hours will result in
a gradual rise in temperature above proper wine storage
temperatures. If the outage exceeds 8-hours, or if the
ambient temperature is extremely warm, you may want
to move your wines to the coolest location you can find
until power is restored. It is recommended that you turn
your control setting to the "OFF" position until power is
restored. This is to prevent electrical component dam-
age due to "brown-outs", (low-voltage conditions), that
may occur as the power is brought back on-line.