Before calling for service, Troubleshooting if you need service – Northland Kitchen Appliance Northland Kitchen Appliance User Manual

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Before Calling for Service

Before calling for service, check the trouble shooting
table on this page. This table lists possible problems
that you can remedy without difficulty to avoid an unnec-
essary service call.


If You Need Service

In the event that you do need service, contact your dealer
or the manufacturer to locate a service representative near
you. In any correspondence, you will need to refer to the
model number and serial number of your unit to assure
proper service. Proof-of-purchase may also be required to
determine your warranty status. For your convenience, a
location on the front cover of this manual has been provided
for recording this information.

In the unlikely event you are in an area where there is no
service representative, call or write the manufacturer direct-
ly, (contact information located on the front cover of this



Odor in cabinet

Noisy operation

Cabinet vibrates

Cabinet light not working

Appliance will not run

Appliance runs too long

Moisture collects inside

Moisture collects on outside


Interior too hot/too cold



•Interior needs cleaning

•Cabinet not level

•Weak floor

•Cabinet not level

•Weak floor

•Lamp(s) burned out.

•No power at outlet

•Temperature control turned

to “OFF”

•Line cord not plugged in

•No power at electrical outlet

•House fuse blown

•Prolonged door openings

•Control set too cold

•Condenser needs cleaning

•Too many door openings

•Too many door openings

•Prolonged door openings

•Hot, humid weather

increases condensation

•Door not closed or


•Hot, humid weather

increases condensation. As

humidity decreases,

moisture will disappear.

•Control improperly set.

•Control improperly set

•Faulty thermometer

•Relocate thermometer to

center of cabinet and


•Condenser needs cleaning