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Grounding Method: This product is factory equipped
with a power supply cord that has a three-pronged
grounded plug. It must be plugged into a mating ground-
ing type receptacle in accordance with the National
Electrical Code and applicable local codes and ordi-
nances (see figure 1). If the circuit does not have a
grounding type receptacle, it is the responsibility and
obligation of the customer to exchange the existing
receptacle in accordance with the National Electrical
Code and applicable local codes and ordinances. The
third ground prong should not, under any circumstances,
be cut or removed. All U.L. listed refrigerated products
are equipped with this type of plug.

How to Operate Your
Refrigerated Wine Cabinet

Setting the Control: The total available temperature
range of the unit is from the low forties to the mid six-
ties. The middle range on the control is approximately
55°F. The temperature can be lowered or raised by turn-
ing the control clockwise or counterclockwise, respec-
tively. A higher number is colder, a lower number is
warmer. The "OFF" position shuts-down the refrigera-
tion system only, it does not turn-off power to the unit.
Figure 2 is a typical control knob representation; your
graphics may vary slightly dependent upon your specific
model. As with any refrigeration product, there will be a
slight temperature variance at different locations within
the storage compartment. Your appliance is shipped
with the control set to the mid-point setting. It is recom-
mended you wait 48-hours after initial loading of bottles
to allow compartment temperature to stabilize prior to
making control adjustments. If changes to control set-
tings are desired, please wait 24-hours between adjust-
ments to allow the new control settings to stabilize.

Typical Control Knob

(Your graphics and colors may vary slightly depending on your specific model.)

Wine Bottle Storage: The slide-out shelves each hold
four(4) to seven(7) standard size bottles depending on
your specific model. See Figure 3 for typical recom-
mended wine bottle storage configuration.

On the full-height built-in models shelf locations are pro-
vided with additional spacing to accommodate storage
of large magnum style bottles.

On the 24" wide under counter model a cradle is provid-
ed on the floor of the unit for large bottle storage. For
the 15" wide under counter model, large bottles can be
accommodated by removing the shelf directly above the
desired shelf storage location. This shelf removal
method can also be used on the 24" under counter
model if additional large bottle storage is required.

For convenience, keep your frequently used wines posi-
tioned with bottoms towards the door so the labels will
be readily visible when the racks are slid-out. Place
wines for aging or longer term storage in the rear rack

Typical Wine Bottle Storage Capacity

15” Wide Under Counter

24” Wide Under Counter

24 Bottles

54 Bottles

18” Wide Built-In

24” Wide Built-In

75 Bottles

105 Bottles


Set-Point Indicator

Front Bottles (Necks Facing Rear)

Rear Bottles (Necks Facing Front)

Figure 3

1 = warmest setting.

4 = mid-point setting.

7 = Coldest setting.

OFF = Refrigeration / cooling "only" turned-off.

(Unplug unit before servicing electrical components.)

Figure 2