NetComm V210P User Manual

Netcomm v210p

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NetComm V210P

Two Phone port VoIP Adaptor

V210P VoIP technology

NetComm’s V210P VoIP Telephone Adaptor has been designed for residential
and small business users to deliver predictable real-time voice quality over the
Internet. It connects directly to any broadband modem and service (Cable or DSL)
plus an account with a VoIP Service Provider.

Suitable for those who want the convenience of a landline (PSTN) combined
with the savings of VoIP in one compact unit. The V210P delivers both VoIP and
landline calls to a single handset, giving you the cost savings of VoIP with the
security of a landline backup if and when you need it. The V210P also features
QoS functionality to maintain call quality.


Make and receive VoIP calls from a single telephone handset

Landline backup in the event of a failure with your VoIP Service

1 FXS, 1 FXO port and 1 LAN port

Simple web-based setup and configuration

Supports advanced Call services – Caller ID, Call On-Hold, Call Forward,

Call Waiting and Transfer – service provider dependent*

*Note: The availability of some listed call features are dependent on the service supported by your VoIP service provider. Please consult them for further information.