Step 3, Mac os x v10.1 or higher – Netopia Network Adapte User Manual

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Step 3


Now that you have configured your computer, it’s time to configure your wireless DSL router.

1. Open your Web browser. The router’s login page should appear automatically. If the page does not appear,

enter and click Go or press Enter.

2. You’ll be asked to enter a username and password for your router. Type the word admin in both fields.

3. Click OK.

4. Click Wizard Setup on the left side of the screen.

5. In the Wizard Setup window, select I have a PPPoE username and password and click Next. NEVER CHOOSE I

have a static IP address.

6. Type in the PPPoE username and password we sent to you by email. Please note these may not be the same

as the username and password you chose when you placed your order. Your PPPoE username and password

are also printed in the

Message field on the packing slip included with your installation kit.

7. After you’ve entered your PPPoE username and password, click on Next. You’ve now completed your router

setup (if you ordered multiple IP addresses, skip to number 8 below). Click

Done and then select Yes to close

the browser window.

8. If you ordered multiple IP addresses, click on Configure IP Information and follow the prompts on your

screen. You’ll need the IP address information (LAN IP Address and LAN Subnet Mask) we sent you by email

and on the packing slip (along with your PPPoE username and password). You don’t need to make any

changes to the DHCP section of this screen. Once you’ve completed this, click on

Finish and then review the

information you entered and click

Save Settings. Don’t forget to reboot your computer to obtain new network


You’ve just completed your DSL installation — in 3 simple steps. To start experiencing high-speed
Internet, just launch any Web browser.


1. From the Apple Menu, select

System Preferences.

2. Double-click on


3. Select

Built in Ethernet in the Show list.

4. Click the

TCP/IP tab.

5. Select

Using DHCP from the Configure menu.

6. Remove any entries in the

DNS Servers and Search Domains fields.

7. Click the

Apply Now button.