Step 3: setting up your dsl connection – Netopia Network Adapte User Manual

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Estimated time for this step: 5 minutes

To set up your DSL connection, you’ll need to configure your computer’s hardware and your wireless DSL router.

The procedure for configuring your computer varies from one operating system to another. First we’ll turn off dial-

up networking and then you can follow the set of instructions on the next two pages that

corresponds with

your operating system.

Step 3: Setting Up Your
DSL Connection




PC users can also run the QuickStart Installation CD to make this step even easier!
It will automatically configure your system and complete Step 3.


Turning off automatic dial-up for all Windows computers

Note: The first two steps differ slightly depending on the way you view folders on your computer. Computers

with the Vista operating system display the Microsoft


Orb* in the lower left corner of the screen rather than a

Start button.

1. Select Start and then Control Panel OR Start and then Settings > Control Panel.

2. Select Network and Internet Connections and then select Internet Options OR double-click on Internet Options.

Vista users should select

View network status and tasks under Network and Internet and then choose Internet

Options in the lower left corner of the screen.

3. Click on the Connections tab.

4. Select Never dial a connection.

5. Click OK.

6. Close the remaining open windows.

You have now successfully turned off automatic dial-up.

This will prevent your computer from automatically dialing an Internet connection using a dial-up modem when the

browser is opened. With a DSL connection, you're always connected to the Internet so you don’t need automatic

dial-up with a modem.

Checking your computer’s network settings

Locate your operating system on the next two pages and follow the steps to finish configuring
your computer.

*Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.