How to set up your email – Netopia Network Adapte User Manual

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To start sending and receiving email using your DSL service, just visit using your Web browser.

Use the username and password you chose when you placed your order. Or, to set up your email program, you’ll need to

follow a few quick steps.

1. Open your email program. Please note that Covad supports Eudora, Outlook, and Outlook Express.

2. If this is the first time you’ve used this specific application, simply follow the prompts on your screen. When you get to a

screen asking you to type in your server information, username, and password, please enter the following:

Incoming or POP mail server:

Outgoing or SMTP mail server:

Username: enter the username you chose when you placed your order

Password: enter the password you chose when you placed your order

3. Continue following the prompts until email setup is complete.

If you still need help, go to Choose

Broadband Support and then choose Service Set-up

for beginners.


How to Set Up Your Email