Frequently asked questions – Netopia Network Adapte User Manual

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What if I need to reinstall my wireless connection?

If your wireless connection profile is deleted or stops working, you can re-run the QuickStart Installation CD to reconfigure your com-

puter. Choose the

Install Wireless Adapter Only path, and when prompted by the CD, choose Yes uninstall the wizard. Run the CD a

second time to re-establish a connection to your wireless router.


How do I uninstall my Netopia wireless adapter?

Insert the QuickStart Installation CD again and select the

Install Wireless Adapter Only path. Follow the on-screen instructions and,

when prompted, select the

Yes, uninstall my current drivers option.


What troubleshooting steps can I do on my own before calling for support?

If your connection to the Internet should stop working, check to make sure that all of the cables are plugged in correctly (refer

to Step 2 if necessary). If this doesn’t fix the problem, shut down your computer and turn off your wireless DSL router.

Reconnect the power to your router and turn on your computer. When the

Internet light on the router turns green, launch your

Web browser.


What do the lights on my wireless DSL router do?

Your wireless DSL router has lights, also called LEDs. The Power and DSL lights should be solid green for your computer to

access the Internet. The Internet light will be green when a valid username and password is stored in the router and a connec-

tion to your Internet Service Provider is established. Otherwise, it will turn red after a period of time. The Internet light flashes

green when network traffic is detected. The Ethernet lights will turn green when a computer is connected and will flash when

network traffic is detected. The wireless light will be solid green when the wireless network is enabled and will flash when net-

work traffic is detected.


Is there additional information about my wireless DSL router?

For more information, PC users can right-click the QuickStart Installation CD and choose

Explore to view the router

manual. Macintosh and PC users can use the router’s built-in Web page to see diagnostic information. See the Configuring

Your Wireless DSL Router section in Step 3 for instructions on viewing the router’s Web page.