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Instruction manual / Mode d'emploi


Handgun Scope

2x20 EER

2.5-8x28 EER



3-25, Futaba 1-chome, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 142-0043, Japan
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Printed in Taiwan (516B)/2E

Congratulations on your choice of a Nikon ENCORE Handgun Scope. Your new scope is the finest
example of Nikon's rugged and durable construction and precision bright optics; important qualities
for a serious shooter's handgun scope.
Whether you use your scope for hunting or for target shooting, the procedure for mounting is
identical. You should acquire a set of high quality steel mounting rings which have a standard
diameter of 25.4 mm (1 inch). Follow the ring manufacturer's instructions for mounting procedures.
After mounting the scope on your handgun scope, follow the procedures for reticle alignment.
When setting the reticle for hunting, you should determine your standard range and then adjust the
reticle based upon that target distance. For targets which vary from that standard distance you may
simply adjust the position of the reticle in relation to your target, or you may wish to use the
procedure for trajectory compensation. It's up to your personal preference.
We hope that you will enjoy your new Nikon ENCORE Handgun Scope for many years to come.
Enjoy using it, and above all, always follow safe shooting procedures!

The product(s) described herein may be subject to export control regulations in the relevant
country(ies). It (they) should not be exported without authorization of the exporting govermental
authority if the regulations apply.

(1) Do not look at the sun through the handgun scope. It will permanently damage your eye. This

precaution applies to all optical devices such as cameras and binoculars.

(2) The handgun scope is effectively sealed against moisture and dust. You may use your scope

safely either in the rain or in dusty climates. To preserve the appearance of the scope, we
suggest that it be dried and cleaned prior to storage. Use a soft cloth for cleaning metal
surfaces and use photographic lens tissue to clean the scope's lenses.

1. Nomenclature

Magnified Figure of 2.5-8x28 EER
Hand turn Grip

2.5-8x28 EER

Fig. 1-2

Fig. 1-1

2. Specifications


Actual Magnification


2x20 EER

























2.5-8x28 EER
























Objective Diameter





Exit Pupil



Eye Relief



Field of View at 100yds.



Tube Diameter



Objective Tube Diameter









Adjustment Graduation


Maximum Internal
(Elevation & Windage)


Parallax Setting
(at factory)



Outside Diameter of



(at minimum magnification)-(at maximum magnification)
moa=minute of angle (in front of 100 yards one moa is nearly equal to one inch.)
Nikon ENCORE Handgun Scope is factory set to be parallax free at 100 yards (91.44 m).

3. Instructions

(1) Focusing

Look through the eyepiece with your eye positioned about 10cm (4 in) away from the

eyepiece lens (Fig. 3-1), and you will see the BDC Encore Reticle (Fig. 3-2).

Be sure your eye is positioned within proper alingment and proper eye relief otherwise the

view will "black out".

Point the objective end of the scope at the sky (Do not point at the sun) or at a plain

unpatterned wall.

Turn the eyepiece adjustment counter-clockwise and then turn it clockwise until the reticle

appears sharp.

(2) Magnification

The Nikon ENCORE Handgun scope 2x20 EER has a 2x magnification.
The Nikon ENCORE Handgun scope 2.5-8x28 EES has a variable magnification from 2.5 to
To change powers, just rotate the power selector ring until the desired magnification appears
adjacent to the power index dot (Fig. 1-1).

(3) Adjustment of the handgun scope

Sighting through the handgun scope, align the rifle with your aiming point on the target and
shoot a trial round. If the bullet does not hit the aiming point, adjust the elevation and windage
after removing the Adjustment cap, as follows:

For the Nikon ENCORE Handgun Scope adjustment is made by turning the grip by hand. If
the bullet hits under the aiming point, turn the grip in the direction of the arrow marked "U"
(Fig. 3-3). If the bullet hits to the left of the aiming point, turn the grip in the direction of the
arrow marked "R" (Fig. 3-3).

(4) Zero setting of grip (Fig. 3-4)

After the reticle has been adjusted to the point of impacts, with the grip held with your fingers to
avoid shifting of the aligned grip, turn the grip screw in top of the grip counterclockwise with
coin. Then lift the grip up and align the " " with the index mark. It may happen that the " "
could not align with the index mark exactly because of the coupling pitch of the grip with the
shaft. And by securing the grip with your fingers to avoid shifting of the grip, turn the grip screw
clockwise with the coin until the grip in firmly secured.

The windage and elevation scales of the ENCORE Handgun scope 2x20 EER is calibrated in
divisions of 1/2 minite of angle with a click at intervals of 1/2 minute of angle.
The windage and elevation scales of the ENCORE Handgun scope 2.5-8x28 EER is calibrated
in divisions of 1/4 minute of angle with a click at intervals of 1/4 minute of angle .
When adjusting the reticle to the point of aim, remember that one minute of angle equals
approximately one inch (2.54 cm) at 100 yards (91.44 m). Therefore, if the impact point is
two inches (5.08 cm) low and one inch (2.54 cm) right at 100 yards (91.44 m), you should
adjust two minutes of angle up one minute of angle left.


(1) Lens cleaning

To remove dirt or fingerprint, soak gauze or lens cleaning paper (silicon-free paper sold at
camera shop) with a small quantity of absolute alcohol (available from drugstore) and lightly
wipe off. Wiping with handkerchief of leather is not recommended as it is likely to damage the
lens surface.
Dust may scratch the lens surface or corrode the lens.
Brush dust off using a soft oil-free brush.

(2) Scope Exterior

Use a soft dry cloth to wipe off any dirt or finger-prints that might accumulate.
It is not necessary to oil the scope's surface.

(3) Windage/Elevation Adjustments

These adjustments are permanently lubricated. Do not attempt to lubricate them. Cover with
caps supplied, except when adjusting, to keep out dust and dirt.

(4) Eyepiece Ajustment

This adjustment is permanently lubricated. Do not attempt to lubricate.

(5) Power Selector Ring

No lubrication is required on the power selector ring.
Do not loosen or remove screws in power selector ring.

Waterproof models:

The ENCORE Handgun scope are waterproof, and will suffer no damage to the optical system if
submerged or dropped in water to a maximum depth of 2 meters for up to 10 minutes.
The ENCORE Handgun scope offer the following advantages:

Can be used in conditions of high humidity, dust and rain without risk of damage.
Nitrogen-filled design makes them resistant to condensation and mold.

Observe the following when using the ENCORE Handgun scope:

As the unit does not have a perfectly sealed structure, it should not be operated nor held in
running water.
Any moisture should be wiped off before adjusting movable parts (Elevation/Windage knob,
eyepiece, etc.) of the ENCORE Handgun scope to prevent damage and for safety reasons.

To keep your ENCORE Handgun scope in excellent condition, Nikon Vision recommends regular
servicing by authorized dealer.



BDC Encore Reticle

Fig. 3-2

Fig. 3-3

Eyepiece Adjustment

Eye Relief

Fig. 3-1

2x20 EER

Fig. 1-3

Objective Lens
Eyepiece Lens
Elevation Adjustment
Windage Adjustment
Eyepiece Adjustment

Power Index Dot
Power Scale
Power Selector Ring
Adjustment Cap

Magnified Figure of 2x20 EER
Hand turn Grip

Fig. 1-4


Fig. 3-4

Waterproof (maximum depth of 2 meter for up to 10 minites)
and Nitrogen Gas


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