Basic operation – Teac DS-H01DIGITAL DOCKING STATION 3D0806920B User Manual

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Basic Operation


Press the power button (STANDBY/ON) to turn

the power on.


If nothing is connected to this unit when the power

is turned on, it will enter standby mode, and the ring
around the button (power indicator) will not light blue .
When you connect an iPod/iPhone/iPad to the dock
connector or connect an operating computer to the
unit using a USB cable, the power indicator will light
blue .


When connected to an amplifier, always turn

the amplifier’s power on very last to avoid
sudden loud noises .


After turning the iPod/iPhone/iPad power on,

connect it to the dock.
For details about how to connect an iPod/iPhone/iPad,
see “Using an iPod/iPhone/iPad with the Dock” on
page 9 .


If you connect an unpowered iPod/iPhone/iPad to the

dock, it might not operate correctly after its power is
turned on .


The iPod/iPhone/iPad in this unit's dock will be

charged whenever this unit's power plug is connected
to a power source and its power is turned on .


With some iPod/iPhone/iPad models, no sound will be

output from headphones that are plugged into them
when the device is connected to the dock .


You can output the iPod/iPhone/iPad video signal

from this unit's video output jacks (VIDEO OUT) to a TV
or display . (See page 7


and page 14 .)


When outputting iPod/iPhone/iPad video from a

video output jack to a TV or other display, connect the
iPod/iPhone/iPad to this unit's dock before starting
playback .


When using an iOS application on an iPod touch,

iPhone or iPad, start the iOS application before
connecting the device to the dock .


If a case being used with an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad

touches this unit's dock when the device is connected,
remove the case and reconnect it .