What’s in the box, Before use – Teac DS-H01DIGITAL DOCKING STATION 3D0806920B User Manual

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What’s in the Box

Should any of the following accessories be missing or damaged, please contact the retailer where
you purchased the unit or our audiovisual customer support (see back cover) .

AC adapter (PS-M0630) × 1

AC adapter power cord × 1

RCA audio cable × 1

Remote control (RC-1268) × 1

Dry cell batteries (AAA) × 2

Owner's manual (this document) × 1

Warranty card × 1

Before use


Precautions for placement


Avoid placing the unit in direct sunlight, close to a source of heat or in other similar conditions .

Do not place the unit on top of an amplifier or other equipment that might generate heat that
exceeds the operating temperature range of this unit . Doing so could cause discoloration,
deformation or malfunction . (This unit can be placed on top of a TEAC A-H01 without problem .)


When the unit is turned on, if a TV is turned on nearby lines might appear on its screen

depending on the characteristics of the TV broadcast signal . This is not a malfunction of the unit
nor of the TV . If this occurs, turn the unit off .


Wipe the acrylic part of the top cover with a soft cloth . Clean dirt from panel surfaces by wiping
them with a soft cloth that has been slightly dampened by a diluted neutral cleaning fluid . Do
not use chemical cleaning cloths, thinner or similar substances as they could damage the
surface of the unit .


For safety, disconnect the power plug from the outlet before cleaning.