Basic operation (continued) – Teac DS-H01DIGITAL DOCKING STATION 3D0806920B User Manual

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Shuffle playback

Press the Shuffle (½) button to cycle through the
shuf f le modes of the iPod/iPhone/iPad in the
following order .




o When set to shuffle, the ½ icon appears on the

iPod/iPhone/iPad display .

Returning to the previous iPod/iPhone/iPad


Press the MENU button to open the previous iPod/
iPhone/iPad menu .
This has the same function as an iPod MENU button .

Selecting an iPod/iPhone/iPad menu item

Use the scroll buttons (j/k) to select an item and
then press the SELECT button .

Outputting video

When the iPod/iPhone/iPad video selection screen is
open, press the remote control VIDEO button to turn
video output on or off . Since this cannot be confirmed
on the iPod/iPhone/iPad menu screen, start video
playback and check whether video output is on or off
on the TV (display) screen .

o If the device has a TV Out menu, select On or Ask .

When set to Ask, a screen will be shown each time
before a video is played back . You can then choose
whether or not to have the device output the video
signal .

o Set the TV signal to NTSC or PAL as appropriate for

the region of the TV or other device that you are
using .

Basic Operation (continued)