Wall/desk power source, Features, Wall mounting – Welch Allyn 12500 User Manual

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1. Wall/Desk Power Source

Mount the Wall/Desk bracket by fitting round holes in back plate over
screw heads, then pushing downward on case. This slides the tapered
slots in the back over the shoulders in the mounting plate.

The Welch Allyn No. 74250 Wall/Desk Power Source is designed with
versatility in mind. There are several mounting options.

1. Wall mount
2. Desk top mount
3. Desk edge mount

Features of the Wall/Desk Power Source include:

Wall Mounting

Fasten the mounting plate to the wall with the appropriate screws (wood
screws are provided). Flat side of the plate should be facing the wall,
long sides should be horizontal. When the screws are tightened, there
will be a gap between the screw head and the surface of the plate.

On/Off switch
rheostat control

UL/IEC/CSA approved
plug-in transformer

Scope turns on
when lifted from

Condensing lens
storage area

to headset