Portable power source, Features, Operation – Welch Allyn 12500 User Manual

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2. Portable Power Source

The Welch Allyn No. 74260 Portable Power Source provides complete
portability and ease of use.

Features of the Portable Power Source are:


When fully charged and operated at full
intensity, the Portable Power Source has
approximately fifty minutes of on-time. When
the BIO is used at half intensity, the on-time
is approximately seventy-five minutes.

To recharge the Portable Power Source,
plug the recharger into the appropriate outlet
and into the proper receptacle on the
battery pack. When the battery pack is re-
charging, the charge indicator will glow yel-
low. The battery cannot be overcharged.

NOTE: Be sure the on/off switch-rheostat
control is turned OFF during recharging.
Do not attempt to plug the recharging
cord into the same receptacle the BIO
cord plugs into.

To use the battery pack, plug the BIO cord
into the proper receptacle. The external
sleeve on the plug needs to be screwed
down tightly to ensure a non-interrupted
connection. Turn on the on/off switch-
rheostat control and adjust to the desired
intensity. When the battery pack is on,
the power indicator will turn green. When
approximately four to seven minutes of
ON-time remain, this indicator will change

to amber.

On/Off switch
and rheostat

In use/time

Charging indicator



Belt clip

UL/IEC/CSA approved
direct plug-in recharger