Operation, Cleaning, Maintenance – Welch Allyn 12500 User Manual

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All surfaces may be cleaned with a soft cloth moistened with alcohol.


Periodic technical inspections should be performed by qualified per-
sonnel. This equipment should be inspected at least once every six
months, more often if used under adverse conditions.

When the BIO is in the cradle of the Wall/Desk bracket, the unit is
always off and the Light Emitting Diode (LED) on the front of the unit
is turned off. When lifted from the cradle (with on/off rheostat in on
position), power to the BIO is on and the LED will illuminate. The rheo-
stat control/on-off switch controls power to the instrument as well as
illumination intensity.


Once the Wall/Desk bracket is mounted, the unit is ready for use. Plug
the Power Source into an appropriately-grounded outlet. Then plug the
cord from the Power Source into the receptacle labeled “in” on the
Wall/Desk bracket. To complete the connection, screw the external
sleeve down until it stops — this will secure the plug in place. The cord
from the BIO should be connected to the “out” receptacle in the same
manner that the power source is connected. Be sure to complete the
connection by screwing the external plug sleeve down until it stops.