Desk top usage, Desk edge mounting – Welch Allyn 12500 User Manual

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Desk Edge Mounting

NOTE: Do not use rubber pads if mounting to the EDGE of a desk
or table.

The Welch Allyn Wall/Desk Power Source can also be mounted on
the edge of a desk or cabinet. This will allow the Binocular Indirect
Ophthalmoscope (BIO) to hang unobtrusively, close to your task area.
To mount the Wall/Desk bracket on the edge of a desk or cabinet, it
must be secure so the weight of the BIO does not tip it over. To secure
the unit to the desk top, apply the two-sided tape found in the acces-
sory bag to the back edge of the base of the Wall/Desk bracket.

NOTE: Make sure the surface is clean before attaching.

Locate the

bracket so the cradle is hanging over the edge of the desk. When the
bracket is in the desired position, apply firm pressure to it so it becomes
properly and evenly seated.

NOTE: If the Wall/Desk bracket ever needs to be relocated, it can be
removed by prying up on one end. Any tape residue can be removed
with an alcohol wipe.

Desk Top Usage

The Welch Allyn Wall/Desk Power Source can be set on any flat sur-
face. To prevent scratching and sliding, the small rubber pads should
be attached to the bottom of the unit. Remove the pads from their
backing and place them on the outermost corners of the unit’s base.

Desk Top

Desk Edge Mounting